Beyerman Château Puy Castéra Cru Bourgeos Haut-Médoc

Château Puy Castéra Cru Bourgeos Haut-Médoc

The name of the Estate comes from two words from Old-French and Latin: Puy (mound) and Castéra (camp/fortress). The Estate follows the old Médoc tradition with the vineyard mostly featuring Cabernet-Sauvignon.

Château Puy Castéra wines are remarkable for their aromas and are rich in tannins. This is the reason why they are slightly aggressive when they are young but their charm and flavors mature with age. This aging gives them the delicacy of a fine Haut-Médoc.

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Château Puy Castéra Cru Bourgeos Haut-Médoc

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