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Contact Juan Reyes to identify the local distributors in your market area.

Juan Reyes:
(p) 347-834-7247

Distributors and Brokers

If you are interested in distributing our products, please contact us. We continually look for motivated distributors of all sizes. We provide training, brand programing and fill all order sizes from less than a pallet, to single SKU containers.

Suppliers, Brand Owners and Entrepreneurs

We are interested in reviewing new business propositions. We provide a turnkey approach including importation expertise, state compliance, warehousing, distribution and marketing skills that turn concepts into successful branded businesses.

Riviera Imports. Bold & Distinctive Brands.

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Please Drink Responsibly. Riviera is committed to promoting safe and responsible drinking. We are involved in initiatives that address the societal impact of alcohol usage.

We sponsor and support organizations that promote responsible drinking. We are also a member of the Global Alcohol Producers Group, an informal coalition of leading beverage alcohol companies that are engaged in discussion with the World Health Organization and other stakeholders to examine ways to effectively promote responsible alcohol consumption around the world.

We are fully committed to ensure that all of our marketing and advertising reflects the industry's highest standards and best practices. We are an active participant in industry self –regulatory efforts to ensure appropriate marketing messages directed at legal drinking-age consumers.