ELunès Moscato

Ultra-Premium Moscato

Imported from Italy – the original home of Moscato Wine

ELunès Ultra-Premium Moscato is from Italy where its oldest varietal, Moscato Bianco, has been enjoyed for centuries. In Italy, Moscato wine making is a carefully controlled process, perfected over time. ELunès Ultra-Premium Moscato is a product of this traditional process.

ELunès’ grapes are hand harvested, carefully distilled, and then shipped in the bottle to the US and other markets. Elunès Moscato is infused with the essence of fine fruit. Served slightly chilled, ELunès is elegant and versatile. It can be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif or blended to create cocktails.



Recipe Cards

Mango-Cuban Spritzer
Mango-Moscato Martini
Mango-The Cabo
Mango-The Southside
Peach-Moscato Martini
Peach-The Honey G
Peach-The Midtown
Peach-The Refresher
Strawberry-Moscato Granita
Strawberry-Moscato Martini
Strawberry-The Gas Lamp
Strawberry-The Gulf Coast
Strawberry-The Laguna

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