Pride and Clarke

Premium Quality Spirits

Pride & Clarke Vodka is made in New York, distilled 4 times and charcoal filtered for unsurpassed smoothness. This dedication to quality has made Pride & Clarke Vodka one of the fastest growing spirits in the Northeast. Pride & Clarke Vodka is rolling out across the country and we are always on the lookout for new distributors. Please contact us at to talk to us about distribution in the US, or internationally.

Riviera Imports developed Pride & Clarke Vodka and launched it in New York in 2007. It took off like a rocket, achieving more than 300,000 annual cases in its second year of sales. Realizing the Pride & Clarke Vodka was a bona-fide hit, Riviera launched Pride & Clarke Gin, a London dry style of gin, with Pride & Clarke’s trademark smoothness. Soon after came Pride & Clarke White and Gold Rum and Pride & Clarke Cordials.

Today, Pride & Clarke Vodka, as well as our other spirits, have proved that they have the staying power that so many other brands in the market lack. Going strong in the Northeastern part of the US, Pride & Clarke is now starting to branch out across the US and internationally.

Pride & Clarke Vodka is available in 1.75 Litre, 1 Litre, 750ml, 375ml and 200ml bottles.