Tres Papalote Mezcal

Discover the Spirit of a New Era

Mezcal was the first spirit to be distilled in the Americas. During colonial times the Spaniards banned the production of mezcal in order to promote the sale of their imported beverages. And so began the underground production of this illustrious Mexican spirit.The production of mezcal is a beloved adventure by the Mexican Mezcalero.

Our expert Maestro Mezcalero supervises each part of the Tres Papalote® Mezcal production. His extensive knowledge of the process has been passed on from generation to generation. The delicate balance of acidity and alcohol content is what creates the smooth elegant taste of our Mezcal.

It was our intention to create an exciting bottle decoration chosen from the renowned Chicano art collection of Cheech Marin. The image on the bottle comes from a glass sculpture skillfully crafted by the artists Elinar and Jamex De La Torre.

Available in 750ml bottle.